Good evening. Today was a pretty normal day. Went to school, sat on my ass and learned some new shtuff.  So there’s  really nothing to tell. I did however, realize my new found love for Toblerone’s Fruit and Nut. Sweet neptune those things are heavenly. Too bad they’re expensive as hell. Can someone please give […]

, So yesterday I went out. After four grueling days of school (it’s only the start of the term and here I am calling it gruesome already.) I went out with a few family members and relatives who just came from the US. It’s been a decade or so since they last came here so […]

Haha yipee for me. I’m not really sure what I’ll be blogging about yet. For now, I guess the next blogs entries would be about anything and everything that would matter to me today. And the next day and the next day.. I doubt anyone would get to read this anyway. So cheers for me […]