YourEverydayDestiny’s Life Forecast for the Week


It’s been a while since I’ve written on my blog. School has really been keeping me busy. Plus, the procrastination monster makes sure that he visits me every day so meh, go figure.

I doubt I could remember everything I did since the last post I made up until now. So I’m saying no to a summary post for now. I could however, tell you how the past few days have been for me.

Academics wise, it’s not that great.

  • Papers are starting to pile up, homework is being thrown at us here and there and deadlines are filling up my calendar. As much as I would like to participate in org work I just can’t right now. Yes I am very bummed about this.

Social life wise, it’s not as colourful as it was before but I guess this is better.

  • I’ve lost a friend because of a misunderstanding. I tried to fix it but if both don’t get along with the same idea, I realized that it’s harder for two to get along again and make amends. Friends come and go. The ones that stays are the ones you should hang on to the most. At least that’s what the saying says. I’m not really sure. A bit of advice would be nice.
  • I don’t get to hang around in school that much because time doesn’t permit me to do so. So the only people I get to be with are my classmates during class hours. It’s alright and all, but I still want to spend time with my old friends once in a while. L
  • I recently attended a party. I got to see and get back in touch with my old blockmates. [Details to be posted on another post because something interesting and unexpected happened. Haha.]

“Extra stuff” wise, it’s getting better.

  • I find myself signing up for a position at a certain forum. I didn’t really expect anything when I submitted it but well, I got the position. I’m under a 3 month probation period though and I still have to submit a few requirements and shiz, but it’s all good.
  • I haven’t been drawing or making graphics as much as I did during the summer break. Again, school. I should probably make time for this once the term ends.
  • I’ve been working on a little project. I’ve set myself a deadline for it. Hoping for the best for this. Jesus, if this fails I am going to have a mini-depression phase. I swear I will.  I’d rather not say what the project is for now because someone I know might accidentally read this blog and just spill the damn beans. I promise to make a DIY post once the deadline is over. Something to look forward to I hope. 😉

Well that’s pretty much it. Nothing really exciting happening in my life right now. That sucks. Haha.

Until the next post. 😉


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